If your Micro SD card is over one year old and your Dash Cam is playing up,  it might be time to replace the Micro SD card.

Here are some initial guidance steps to help try and resolve some common issues:

1) If your Dash Cam is not powering up when you turn your car engine on, try the following:

2) Ensure there are no kinks, twists or compressions on any cords.

3) Ensure you are using the correct memory capacity. For example, using a 128GB SD card in a Dash Cam that only supports a maximum 64GB will cause issues.

4) Check that the power adaptor LED light is ON when the ignition is on. If not, then either the power cord has failed or the car accessory socket (cigarette lighter socket) is dead. Ensure the male power cord adaptor is fully pushed into the cigarette lighter socket.

5) Connect the Dash Cam to a different vehicle and check if the Dash Cam powers up. If it does, then the accessory socket in the original car is most likely dead. If it doesn’t start then the power cord may be faulty.

6) If you have a dual Dash Cam, disconnect the rear camera cable from the front unit. If the front unit works as normal, there could be an issue with the connection cord or rear camera.

7) Remove the Micro SD card from the Dash Cam and power it up. If the Dash Cam powers up without the SD card inside it, then the SD card is causing an issue.

8) Format your SD card 

9) If there is a menu option for "Factory Defaults", a button press sequence, or a reset pinhole for your model of dash camera, please try doing this with the camera connected to power. Consult your product manual for which option(s) may be available to you for your dash camera.