Why Does My Camera Not Turn On?

Check If Your 12V Adapter is Fully Seated

Check that your adapter is full pushed in on both ends. Some cars have loose connections, and your cable may have fallen out. If properly connected the next most likely cause is a faulty power adapter

Micro or Mini USB: First Steps

Let’s check if your cable is damaged. Get a cell phone charger to power your camera. You may have to use the cable from your vehicle. If it works, you have a problem with your 12V adapter. Check for a blown fuse.

Non-USB Adapters: First Steps

All you can do is check for a blown fuse. Most of these cables supply 12V directly to the camera. There’s very little that can go wrong as it has no internal circuitry, it’s a wire with a fuse.

Checking for a Blown Fuse

All the car adapters I’ve seen have a fuse inside the tip that inserts into your vehicle’s adapter. The tip likely can be twisted off, and your adapter opened so you can check the fuse. Be careful during disassembly as there are springs and other tiny parts.

Inside, the fuse is a clear cylinder with two metal ends and a thin wire in the middle. If the wire is broken, your fuse has blown and needs to be replaced. Once replaced, your camera should work.