If your smartphone is not connecting to your Dash Cam via Wi-Fi or the Wi-Fi connection cuts out, try the following:

1) Please power cycle your smartphone (turn it off then on again).

2) Activate Wi-Fi on your Dash Cam, wait about 20-30 seconds, then ensure Wi-Fi on your phone is turned on. Stay within close range of your Dash Cam while trying to connect (generally within 5 metres).

3) Ensure all saved/remembered “auto-connect” Wi-Fi networks on your phone have been disabled/forgotten. For example a home Wi-Fi network. If you are in your driveway or close to your house, your phone will try and connect to these saved networks while attempting to connect to your Dash Cam. Searching for these “auto-connect” Wi-Fi networks can override searching and connection to your Dash Cam.

4) Check and ensure that Smart Network Switching (Android) or Wi-Fi Assist (iOS) is disabled on your phone. If activated, this can interrupt and disable all Wi-Fi connections. This feature switches between Wi-Fi and mobile networks to maintain a stable internet connection. When switching to a mobile network, all Wi-Fi connections are cut. It can be switched off via your phone settings. Note: if you cannot find this setting, please turn your Mobile Data off completely (temporarily).

5) Ensure you are using the correct manufacturer default password and ssid, if you haven’t already changed it to your own.

6) For 2-channel Dash Cams ensure both front and rear cameras are connected while in operation. This ensures proper functioning of the unit.

7) Delete the existing Dash Cam App off your phone and re-install it from your App or Play Store.

8) Ensure you have the latest App version on your Dash Cam on your smartphone. The latest version can be downloaded from your App or Play Store.

9) Try another phone and if the Dash Cam connects, then the original phone/phone settings has an issue.

10) If your phone goes into sleep/standby mode while connected to your Dash Cam, this can cut the Wi-Fi connection.

If you are still experiencing issues after trying these steps, please submit a support ticket or contact our team.