If your dash camera is all setup or has been working for some time, but you cannot access recordings, or it is not recording, please try some of the below information:

1) Please try to Format the SD card using the menu on your dash camera or the app.

2) If your Micro SD card is over one year old and your Dash Cam is playing up,  it might be time to replace the Micro SD card.

3) Always have one Micro SD card dedicated to your Dash Cam. Switching Micro SD cards between devices (cameras, drones etc…) can change the format into one not supported by the Dash Cam.

4) Check that the SD card is a minimum of Class 10 and is not larger capacity than the maximum specified for your model of dash camera.

5) Try using another SD card to ensure it is not a fault with that SD card.

Note: Micro SD cards are considered “consumable products” when used in Dash Cams. Micro SD cards used in Dash Cams are under  the enormous stress of constant video loop recording. They do have a limited lifespan depending on how much you drive and the quality and age of your card. They will eventually degrade and fail. Regular formatting can increase longevity.

Please create a support ticket or contact our team if these do not help you to resolve the recording issue.